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Thoughts from the Game

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October 16, 2016 at 11:42am

First lets start with what a GAME.

Few thoughts though. Watching the game last night, it definitely seemed liked the by week gave UW a little bit of an advantage. They were supremely prepared for this game. Whether that's due to their own coaching, or our predictability (I'll get to that in a second) they were a well prepared and coached team. 

From the onset their linebackers were flying downhill with little regard for our passing attack. They even took our own defensive game plan from our 2014 Championship game against Oregon. They're outside linebacker would immediately come downhill take the quarterback, while their safety would rush outside as well take and take the pitch man, making it impossible to get outside. Forcing JT to keep, unfortunately a few times he made the wrong read and forced Samuel to take that 10 yard loss. Urban Meyer true to his word vowed to get into Samuels hands, and Wisconsin was just not going to allow that to happen. Of course when you have an athlete of Samuels ability the adage "You can't Stop them, you can only hope to contain them" can be said.

Next we showed little ability to augment our offensive game plan. The way you beat an aggressive defense like that is quick throws behind the linebackers. JT had time to throw last night but we have NO intermediate passing game. Everything is 2-5 yards downfield or 40. We ran no quick slants, our tightend hardly went out for a pass forcing their slow linebackers to cover in the open field. They only time their linebacker had to cover was the Dontre Wilson catch near the end of the game. We just did not force UW out of their game plan and simply played into their hands all night. Is this a lack of confidence in the offense or just bad game planning/play calling. Having said that the game plan last night worked well enough to win, but our lack of creativity could come back to hurt us.

Now on defense we did the exact opposite of what we had been doing all season. We were ULTRA AGGRESSIVE, our Dline instead of just holding the point of attack was coming up field all game, our Dends looked like they were just pinning their ears back and coming after the quarterback. And UW was ready for it, they would just run simple 5 yard patterns behind our linebackers filling the gap and gain 5-7 yards all night. Everybody saw they ran that WR jet sweep about 5 times, and us playing man coverage just gave our corners no chance to catch him on the sweep having to run across the entire field. Our Dends did not keep contain ALL night. Till the second half at least.

We just played too Aggressive. We blitzed more last night than we have all season, and they weren't run stuffs. We played in our goaline defense when we had them backed up near our end zone. The reason Goaline is Goaline because if the running back gets past the first and only line of defense their is no one left to stop him. And of course our D Ends did not keep contain and Clement ran outside for 68 yards. 

We did make second half defensive adjustments and were able to overcome our lethargy in the first half. Doesn't matter what it looks like. In the name of Al Davis "Just Win Baby".

If we can become more creative on offense, and just play our BASIC defense we will be hard to beat. Until then, many of us should start a Bayer regiment to combat the chances of HEART ATTACK (talk to your doctor before starting any regiment). GO BUCKS

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