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Our 'Extremes' are showing......

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September 21, 2016 at 4:26pm

I posted before the season that I observed OSU getting beat by Petey Carrol's USC team two years in a row that I attributed to "extreme" recruiting by Coach Carrol.  We lost both games even though significant turnover occurred by USC, once on offense and the other on defense.  Extreme recruiting resulted in players taking over that were simply more gifted than our more experienced and older players.

I think we saw some confirmation of this with Oklahoma.  They were, by and large, an experienced team.  We, on the other hand, were very young with young talent---although 'extreme' talent.  

I'm not ready, yet, (unlike Boohlike who drinks the positive juice daily) to say we are there yet.  Yes, we have extreme talent (but if you follow recruiting we are going to get---dare I say it, more extreme in the years to come), AND we have extreme coaching and extreme player development (here come the extreme jokes again and well deserved btw), but we need to prove this against MSU---- who has very, very experienced players (multiple 5th and even a 6th year player) and Michigan--who also has a boat load of players who have come back this year.  I think we will, but I await those games. My expectation is that the Oklahoma game (a game that was considered 'telling' by me) shows a young team that will ONLY get better with game experience and film watching.  We play MSU and Michigan late in the season and by then-------wait on it, ------we will have extreme review of game film and experience.

I really don't see anyone in the West beating the winner of the East in the Championship game.  Win out, we will win the championship game and be in the NC final four (obviously).

Love being alive at this time AND being a Buckeye fan!!!!!!  



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