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Comment 06 Dec 2017

I've noticed that Sheffield doesn't seem to have great hips to move side to side and I did not observe great closing speed either.  

That may be just him going through a learning curve like Conley did but morphed later.  

Comment 27 Nov 2017

If Wisky would have played Oklahoma, MSU, Penn State, and OSU and then played the likes of Northwestern (perhaps their best win) they would likely not be undefeated.  

Without a doubt in my mind, OSU will be the best offense AND best defense they have faced so far.  I can't say the reverse is true.  Wisky may be the most disciplined and efficient team OSU may have played, however.

Hoping we don't have the PSU let down syndrome we had playing Iowa.  Good news is, it is a neutral field. 

Bride and I are making the trip!  Will be shouting as loud as I can!

Comment 12 Nov 2017

This targeting rule has to change.  With Bosa and Jones I've seen harder head butts with players before the game starts!

Worse I've seen more dangerous love taps than these two calls.

Comment 08 Nov 2017

Long term I'm seeing a lot of positives! 

Recruiting is seriously addressing big needs.  OL we are now getting in on a number of 5 star lineman and the up and coming OL concerns are being addressed!  

Our lack of interior DL is also being addressed from a recruiting standpoint!  We are starting to get DL players of higher quality than in the past.  

Our wide receiver group is actually filled with true receivers not converted athletes.

Our up and coming QBs seem to be much better passing QBs than we've ever had to go along with the WR group and pass catching H and RBs.

Up and coming Defensive talent is still strong. 

We need to be able to keep high quality players for 4 years so be don't rely on teenagers to fill spots because of early departures.  Not sure how that will be addressed.

Comment 06 Nov 2017

Questions I'd like to have asked:

9 Captains represents leadership by committee.  Committees are horrible at leadership aren't they?

The NFL factory culture at OSU means players come in hoping to be 3 and done and we've lost a ton of talent early leaving teenagers go to turn to mature players quickly.  Is that really hurting the team over time?

Are former head coaches, although very experienced and qualified, the best bet for Coordinator positions over younger, highly aggressive up and coming coaching talents?  Do we lose something here?

With the amount of offensive skill player talent on the team, isn't the best QB you can have is an outstanding distributor of the ball with excellent reading of defenses for distribution purposes not just QB run reads?

We seem light in the middle of he defense a NT and DT.  Do we need more Brama Bull interior tackles like Alabama to have a more effective D against the two tight end offenses we might face?

Just some thoughts.

Comment 06 Nov 2017

Burrow is a decision making machine.  Who cares about the arm unless it is thrown to the right receiver.  I wouldn't count Joe out just yet. I'm thinking he is what will make the incredible abundance of offensive talent work best for the offense.  Haskins has been known to be a bit of a turnover artist which won't be tolerated.  We will see.

Tate is a Mayfield clone with greater speed and quickness.  This Spring should be very interesting from a QB standpoint! 

Comment 03 Nov 2017

Both Senior Tackles out and freshman in on offense.

Iowa QB Stanley is going to absolutely crap his pants all game long.  He then will slip and slide on that &#(! all game long.  Shut out or near shut out.  

Speed up offense will not be kept under 35 points.

Prediction:  WIPE OUT! (especially if we get an early two score lead).

Comment 31 Oct 2017

So what color is the sky in ESPN's universe.  Oh, gloomy color as they are losing tons of subscribers.  

Sorry JT Barrett was not only the number one QB this last week, it was the best QB performance by a college QB this year by far!

Comment 31 Oct 2017

Love my Buckeyes to the nth degree.  There is room in Columbus Ohio for a professional soccer team and the Crew has, at times, been magnificent.

I had no knowledge of soccer until my sons starting playing at age 4 and I had to coach because no one else would do it.

Over the next 16 years I studied the game and learned to appreciate why this game is the world's most watched game.

The Crew represents an international element to Columbus.  Incredible World Cup qualifying games have been played here watched by the world.

Bolt I will be there, huddled up, asthmatic and all supporting the Gold and Black.  

(BTW the last game against Atlanta will definitely go down as the best game this season in MLS.  It is up there with the all time great games in MLS!)  

Comment 30 Oct 2017

3 hours of misery and 1 1/2 minutes of euphoria.  Please Urban fix the problems sooner than later!  LOL!

Again,  lost 5 years of my life during those 3 hours!  Ha LOL!

Comment 19 Oct 2017

Wow.  I was at the Nebraska game and there were times that JT had so much time to throw that he could have had tea and crumpets and then got up and make the pass.  I really sense that the OLine has come on this year.

Comment 16 Sep 2017

Aboynamedtracy, these certainly aren't all the serious thoughts that went through my mind. (Reminds me of my brother who said--thinking---there you go doing something your not equipped to do--LOL).

We have 5 games to improve.  It's been done before as I think back on the VT game loss of times past.

Other thoughts:

*Surprised over the lack of physicality of both WR and DBs.  This might be hard to remedy quickly.

*Gut sense tells me JT has regressed as both a passer and a runner this year and that is disheartening if accurate.

*The play calling seems strangely similar to last year and that does not bode well for future games if that is both accurate and it continues.

*We have pretty capable tight ends and why we are not using them in the short passing game more is perplexing.

*JT running the ball in the Oklahoma game more times than Dobbins AND Weber is shocking to me.

An early loss is much better than a late loss in the season.  I'm giving Urban Meyer the benefit of the doubt that he will make every effort to "FIX" the problems and progress. 

Aboynamedtracy, does this help round out the thinking pattern?

BTW If Oklahoma stays healthy, I see them in the NC play offs.  They are that good! IMHO.