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Comment 22 Mar 2019

Ryan Day will expose the weaknesses of the prior OSU coaches including Urban, Woody, Cooper etc. by focusing on a QB system and ruthlessly discarding and hiring anyone who can help the cause.  He'll ultimately replace Saban's brand in time by this focus.

In time football will evolve beyond our recognition to solve for the concussion/brain injury problem associated with the very nature of the sport.  

Technology will supplement and largely replace on controversial and missed calls in football and it will be a good thing for the sport.

Comment 28 Dec 2018

Alabama has had the number one recruiting class 7 of the last 8 years and has never missed a slot in the Championship Series and has multiple titles.  

Before the restrictions, Alabama would have 35 or so recruits in every class and then winnow them down for those that didn't measure up----a great way to explore the lesser ranked players and give them 'try outs'.  Big Ten did not have that advantage.

Still go back to the butt whipping we had against USC many years ago where they lost a ton of kids on defense then the following year on offense and beat a experienced OSU team each year.  Petey did it through extreme recruiting, (and possibly some illegal chemistry).  

Urban's formulae for success has always been 1. recruit  2. recruit  3. recruit  4 development, culture inculcation, coaching.  He'll take a great recruiting coach over a great teaching coach if he were limited to who he could pick----generally. 

Really appreciate OP effort and tremendous analysis!  Don't you just hate it when someone beats on you with facts and analysis!  LOL!  

Comment 23 Dec 2018

The Washington offense has a similar feel to the Michigan offensive which is not necessarily an offense that has given us the most trouble.  

I was wondering what was the rating of the opposing offenses that they faced this year that gave them the high ratings on defense.  Wasn't Washington State, a passing team I believe, was played in the snow for all the Rose Bowl marbles?  Is that correct?  

I really don't see Washington blowing us out, but I could envision the possibility of OSU blowing Washington out.  I'd hate to face a team that is losing their beloved head coach to health issues.  

Comment 26 Nov 2018

Northwestern plays bend don't break, read/react defense.  They put very little pressure on the QB and low number of sacks and generally play zone in the secondary.  Their D is slightly worse against the pass versus the run.  Ideal for Haskins.  When they played Whisky, Hornibrook did not play---would have been best comparable.  

Offensively, they run 55% of the time and pass 45%.  They run to set up the pass.  QB has equal number of TDs with Interceptions.  I believe we can man up against their WR better than we manned up against Michigan's receivers. 

They have the number one team in the nation in 'lowest number of penalties per game' and lowest penalty yards per game'.  They don't beat themselves. 

If the OSU team against Michigan shows up we beat the spread.  If the OSU Purdue team shows up, who knows.  I'm thinking the progress made will continue in this championship game.  They are on a roll now.  

We need a convincing win to sneak into a BCS game which would, more than likely, be against Alabama.  

Comment 24 Nov 2018

2012 - Noah Spence, Adolphus Washington

2013 - Vonn Bell, JT Barrett

2014 - McMillan

Just a look at these three years for Alabama to compare:

2012: Landon Collins, Eddie Williams, TJ Yeldon, Reggie Ragland

2013 Reuben Foster, Derrick Henry, OJ Howard, Robert Foster, A'Shaun robinson, Alvin Kamara, Grant Hill, Tim Williams

2014: Cam Robinson, DeShawn Hand, Tony Brown, Rashon Evans, Domiick Jackson

Alabama, fairly consistently gets the best of the best by star and grade rating year in and year out for the last 8 years. 

Comment 23 Nov 2018

Alabama has 'won' the recruiting battle nearly every year for the last 7 years.  Even in ostensibly the toughest league in the country how many times have they made the play offs?  How many NCs do they have?  

We lost both games against USC under Tressel.  Both years USC lost a ton of talent once on defense the other on offense.  The USC coach (you know him) had extreme recruiting.  He beat us with sheer talent.  

We get outstanding talent but how many times do we get the number 1 or 2 rated player in the country at his position?  Check out Alabama over the last 7 years.  Not only the stars but the position rankings are mind boggling.  

Just an observation. 

Comment 25 Oct 2018

Not sure why the DVs.  He runs tentative, slides at many opportunities and does not lay out when he runs like he did in the Michigan game GIF.   DV all you want he runs scared and I don't see an ultra competitor or emotional leader.  He looks like he doesn't have to worry about Joe Burrows taking his spot.  Just wondering here. Just speaking my mind.  It was his 'rep' in high school.

Comment 03 Oct 2018

No QB coach so I can't comment on his mechanics when pressured. 

I do suspect that the opposing DL movement/slants etc along with multiple blitzes from multiple players was effective at TCU and PSU.  GOOD NEWS: the OL and QB will get plenty of this from here on in and get a ton of practice as I suspect the upcoming teams will try this until OSU gets so good at handling the pressure they stop.

Glas we survived PSU.  I will say that the crowd noise and the obnoxious PA Lion roar gave the DL the same advantage as the OL on the snap---i.e. when everyone saw the snap.  Taking away the element of surprise and giving the OL the benefit of knowing before the DL when the ball is snapped is one advantage of the OL and thus the Qb. 

Comment 28 Sep 2018

Just looked up the stats on each team both teams have played.  Other than TCU,--a team that the OSU offense did not score a touchdown on in the first half, neither team has played a team with a pulse.  That being said Appalachian State and Illinois took PSU to the boards for 3 quarters as TCU did to OSU.  OSU could have scored a 100 on every team so far not named TCU.  Defense gave up big plays of the variety that PSU loves to run----RPOs, QB runs, and jump ball deep passes---our OSU achilles heal on D.

If there is a blow out it's OSU blowing out PSU but that is not likely to happen.  If Haskins is playing like usual and the WRs don't pull a deer in the headlights performance I like our chances.  Let's face it White Out in PSU is effective. 

Comment 30 Aug 2018

I suspect our 2 deep OL is the most athletic collection of OLs in the Urban Meyer era.  If they play nasty this offensive will be very nasty.

What hurts is this OL will become better in the years to come!

I suspect that Jordan, Prince and Munford are NFL bound if they stay healthy.  

I'm not so concerned about OL as I am about the LBs quite frankly.  IMHO this will be a high quality OL group resulting in 2 thousand yard rushers and one of the highest passing yardage teams in the UM era.  

Comment 30 Aug 2018

Couple of points:

* You can't have a great rivalry unless you have a great rival.

* There is an unfathomable joy in seeing Michigan's undefeated season go down the drain in their final game of the season causing a long winter to become infinitely long.  Yes I'm still bitter over the Cooper years.  Just can't let it go.

* A strong Big 10 makes wins in conference more valuable.

*I'm hoping that the game shows Michigan weaknesses that can't be overcome this season.

All that being said-------Go IRISH!

Comment 26 Aug 2018

Annie Apple has become prosecutor, judge and jury. It is obvious that she has done this on the biased media agenda driven tripe.

Did Ms Apple consider the following when she wrote her twitter piece?

Courtney Smith was not backed up by: 
1. Any Powell policeman; 
2. The Chief of Police; 
3. Any Court of law; 
4. Zach's Mother; 
5. No neighbors known to come forward; 
6. No known friends came forward; 
7. Her own father was ignorant of any abuse; 
8. Her OWN MOTHER supported Zach's statement for crying out loud. 
9. Documented liar over large span of time; 
10. Known to have stated that she was out to get Zach and Urban.

If Ms. Apple has other evidence for her opinion I have no problem with her sharing it. The totality of the evidence suggests she is way out of line.

And btw this is not 'bashing her' this is revealing her.

----in the immortal words of Joe Friday---Just the facts mam Just the facts.

Comment 09 Jul 2018

My analysis would be 'if this player were injured and unable to play which player lost would have the most impact'.  

Clearly WorthyBuck nailed it IMHO.  All the other players mentioned, we have capable if not fully comparable backups.  Not so with Haskins IMHO.  Tate is not ready for Prime Time action.