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The Importance of Having the Swagger

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October 20, 2015 at 9:34am

The Swagger is contagious. Its not just one player, but one player can awaken The Swagger for an entire team. It started with the offensive line in the second quarter of Saturday's game, and JT came in the third quarter and dotted the proverbial "I" for The Swagger of this year's team.We saw The Swagger, and Urban says he saw what we saw. Its called The Swagger. While we take a moment to exhale, you gotta feel extremely sorry for Rutgers and the beating they will take come Saturday. We got it. T H E S W A G G E R !

Now to the melody of PIL's song 'this is not a love song" replace the words "love song" with "qb thread". Thanks for your indulgence and ...Go Bucks!aieeeeeeeeeee

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