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What are the Big Ten tie breakers?

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October 11, 2015 at 8:40am

This is purely hypothetical and I admittedly haven't looked very hard for the answer but I was wondering what the tie breakers are to decide who plays in the Big Ten championship. I'm sure head-to-head is the first tie breaker but let's assume there is a three-way (shoutout to Skyline) tie at the top where all three teams have different head-to-head victories? For instance let's say MSU, Michigan and OSU all have one loss. OSU beats Michigan, Michigan beats MSU, and MSU beats OSU. How is it decided who plays in the championship game? AP ranking? Points for/points against? Do ADs vote similar to the 1973 decision to send OSU to the Rose Bowl over Michigan? Something else?

The conference is looking more and more like a three team race and this seems like a conceivable way for the season to end. It would be interesting and a lot of people would certainly be left feeling butt hurt it it were to work out this way so I'm curious how it is decided. Thanks in advance 

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