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SEC perception starts with the polls.

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September 20, 2015 at 12:32pm

Just eliminate them all together and just wait until the committee releases theirs. Auburn is still ranked in the Top 25 after going to OT with an FCS team, and getting blown out to LSU. My question is, if you substitute what has happened to Auburn with Michigan State, would MSU still be ranked this week? I think not. 

SEC gets its untouchable status because every year the polls are loaded with SEC teams. 

Preseason SEC teams ranked

#3 Bama- Has a loss already and has not looked good outside of the Wisc game.

#6 Auburn- see above

#9 Georgia

#14 LSU

#17 Ole Miss

#18 Arkansas- Lost to a MAC school at home and got beat by a bottom tier Big 12 school.

#24 Mizzou- Hasn't looked good at all this season. they beat mighty UCONN 9-6 yesterday at home.

#25 Tennessee- Lost to a Big 12 team in the biggest game they have played in many years. 


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