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Interesting QB Stats...

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August 28, 2015 at 3:24am

Nothing against JT Barrett, but there seems to be a general misconception in the Buckeye press that JT Barrett was far more productive than Cardale Jones in running Meyer's offense. The stats don't support that contention.

OK, in Individual Total Offense (in games started) JT leads CJ 314 yards per game to 263 ypg. (Cardale averaged only 15 ypg rushing in his starts)

But, in Team Total Offense, Cardale leads with 544 yards per game to JT's 503 (all stats - games started only)

And in Team Scoring per games started, Cardale leads 47.6 to JT's 44.1.

And only a few ultra-contrarian 11-Dubbers will deny that Cardale faced far tougher defenses (on average) than JT.

All that said, and as many 11W members have already stated, I'll be 100% in favor of the QB Meyer chooses. No second-guessing from me after the first whistle blows in Blacksburg on Sept 7.

Go Bucks!

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