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Penn St fans rumor about OSU/Meyer

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July 9, 2015 at 7:32pm

lifted from a PSU board. I am beginning to loathe them way more than any other cfb team. If they play Bama..I'm for Bama..they are that low in my world.


Neighbor of mine, who is originally from my home town, has a nephew who has a full ride scholarship with the Buckeyes. Both his father and his uncle (my current neighbor's brothers and guys I knew back in high school in Warren, OH) played for OSU back in the late 70's. He is from the Columbus area and jumped at the chance to play for OSU and was an early commit, obviously because of his family ties to the program. He is an excellent student and turned down a full ride scholarship to Stanford. Now Urbie tells him that he has two choices - dedicate himself full time to football, as in there is no time for academics but only football (now you know where Cardale was coming from) or quit the program to continue his academics "because there is no time for both." Apparently there are many hours of practice activities that are off the books so to speak (unorganized team activities) but are considered mandatory. This particular player had to miss a couple of these activities to pursue his academics and word got back to UM, so he called him into his office to lay down the law. UM wants only players who came to play football and not play school, so it makes it easier for him to clear a roster spot when oversigning, especially for a player is a true student athlete and on the field contributor, but not one of the superstars on the team.

This has soured the whole family on Meyer and OSU football as it exists currently. They were massive OSU FB fans and now could care less what the team does. They actually would like to see OSU fail and lead to UM's demise. They now call him Urban Liar.

The player is now looking to transfer to another Big 10 team, and there is one of the better teams in the league extremely interested in him, but I am not going to comment on that further except to say it's not Penn State.

As an aside I got confirmation from my neighbor here in the Columbus area what I was told by my neighbor in FL (I spend about a quarter of the year down south) with regard to Mike Vrabel leaving the OSU staff and joining BOB down in Houston. My neighbor in FL is good friends with Vrabel's mother and heard from her that he left under very bad circumstances with much bad blood between him and Meyer. This was after he had just built his million dollar dream house, which is located about a mile from me, and is still for sale if you are interested. That is just how bad the relationship got. My neighbor here in C'bus said UM and Vrabel got into a physical altercation after the Michigan State loss a couple of years ago, eye-witnessed by her nephew.

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