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Comment 30 Jun 2020

only change I would like to see after the 8 team home game to top 4 seeds is a blind draw when down to final 4. The top team got the benefit of the #8 seed...don't let them get the easiest opponent of each round, and that's because regardless of who it is...they played a different schedule than the other 3 teams so who is to say they are better.

btw...just as a reference..the final 4 in basketball doesn't mean #1 plays #4, and it works quite well. They could also take the time during this blind draw to make sure none of the 4 teams have another 'home' game.

the blind draw would also add one more TV moment to sell advertising,

Comment 26 Jun 2020

this is probably good news to under performing coaches..no money to buy them out....bad news for schools like Michigan

Comment 18 Jun 2020

Gundy..like most coaches, probably has about 100 t-shirts from the school, Nike, whatever...he got up and picked this one, much like the guy in my Dr's office waiting room with his TRUMP 2020 shirt. He didn't just 'happen' to put that shirt on ..he sat on the edge of his waiting room chair waiting for someone/anyone to either agree or disagree with him so he could tell you his opinions

Comment 18 Jun 2020

Side Bar - Minnesota is considered a Major Program at least in this guys eyes they are.

I agree..Minny is a major university who if successfully earns titles or NY6 appearances should be looked upon the same way as say Az St, UNC, Tx AtM, or Okl State would be viewed.

Minny , if successful, would be very similar to the east division Mich St.

Comment 12 Jun 2020

My take is that coaches like Tressel go about their business so hard that they are in somewhat of a vacuum. There is no way Tress would have even known about the tats had he not gotten word from someone outside. What he did after that and why he handled it like he did is the $1k question. I certainly do not think 'cheating' was rampant under Tress...and quite frankly..you got to give the five credit for this...they at least paid for what they got...they didn't take a free hand out, nor was it offered to them.

I think LLoyd Carr probably of the same mold. True story..summer of 1997 I use to hang out with my buddy at the pro shop of Arcadian Shore GC in Myrtle Beach (Hilton property). Charles Woodson flew in, got picked up in a limo with three 'older' freinds and spent 3 day/nights in the penthouse at the Hilton, golfing, and carrying on.

As we all know..Mich doesn't have bagmen or boosters that give bennies to players, and he surely wouldn't be associating with agents before his Sr year..and I'm sure Lloyd Carr knew nothing about it (this part I actually believe)...relive that 1/2 championship season with an ineligible Woodson or vacate those 12 wins ---because I'll bet that weekend was worth more than a few tattoos.

Comment 06 Jun 2020

interesting read but also emphasizes that what happened back then is barely recognized as football and the disparity of rules..even game by game is reason enough that any team that claims a NC from these years is ridiculous.

Comment 01 Jun 2020

on who wrecked who......Miami wrecked Nebraska..or maybe it was Colorado the week before; either way, Nebraska hasn't been close to being the same..much like Miami...since 2001, Nebraska has 'averaged' 5 losses a year.

and Bama seems to have wrecked Texas..since the 2009 BCS championship..Texas has averaged 6 losses a year