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Comment 15 hours ago

actually..it was a report or comment from someone from Columbus tasked with cleaning up the mess from the Ohio St - texas game in Columbus in 2005? Apparently the worker was asked what was so bad about the cleanup and he said that there were people who crapped in coolers.

Since then (14 years ago) OSU has placed many more port-a-johns around the tail gate lots of Ohio Stadium.

Ofr course, Michi-man heard about this and coined the phrase cooler-poopers......as if that was never done anywhere else at a sporting event...and...michi-man can tell the difference between human feces from Ohio and human feces from Texas....so I guess mich-man is an expert in identifying shit.

Comment 20 hours ago

I appreciate your perspective and honest opinions on here. I agree that the biggest difference is the talent is just better at Ohio State. I think you may be ignoring a huge reason why that is. Not only is OSU a bigger brand in the cfb world right now, but endless comments from people who know Harbaugh say he is well..weird. IMO, the Mich brand brings in recruits...enough to be a top 10-15. It is not a brand on the level of OSU right now and having a HC that's 'weird' is not going to close that gap. There are probably very few recruits that choose Mich because JH is the HC..in fact..I pose that many choose in spite of this because they like the 'brand'.

The national perception of Harbaugh is not good. He may be a good coach..maybe even above average ( I don't think anyone would consider him 'great') and he may continue to produce 9-10 win seasons..but I am as confident in this statement as ever....Mich will not ever reach the level of elite that OSU shares right now as long as they have a 'weirdo' coaching them.

btw...the term 'weirdo' is now a common used description of Harbaugh throughout media outlets...I did not pluck that from my own mind.

Comment 30 Nov 2019

Myrtle Beach, SC..bought a new 65" QLED 2 days ago just for today.

Go Bucks!

Go Wolfpack!

Go Chants!

Go Cocks!

and Gophers, Aggies, Auburn, Cowboys, and Rambling Wreck

Comment 26 Nov 2019

UK is paying Stoops a quarter mil more than OSU is paying Day.

- more money for him, more money for assistants

-UK facilities>>>Cincy

-Lexington > Cincinnati

- 7 wins and you keep your job..SEC East not that demanding

- make a big splash and a big time program will come calling

Comment 24 Nov 2019

After Fields fumble in EZ he comes over to bench and trainers immediately rewrap his right ankle. This injury looked to be the left shin or ankle. I tend to think it was to the shin. Which we have all experienced before and is very painful for a minute...but goes away quickly without much affect.

Comment 23 Nov 2019

I played QB in college. I was blind sided by a DE 1.5X my size with a crown to helmet to helmet hit and was knocked unconscious immediately. The trainers and mediacal staff were over top of me giving me smelling salts (this was the 70's..smelling salts (ammonia) cured everything) they said when I finally came to..I rolled over on my side and told them let me sleep for another hour.

I was truly in la la land.

Comment 23 Nov 2019

I too have always wondered why anyone would go to any other source for weather info than the NWS. All these other outlets get their data points from NWS sources anyway. These other sources often 'sensationalize' predictions to get more 'clicks'. You will always find that these outlets predict more snow and rain than the NWS..always.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Penn State far and away. They have never lost a game that wasn't the direct result of conspiracy laden officiating, bagmen, and outright cheating of the opposing team.

--Big Ten top brass has a secret pact to keep Penn State from ever being the top team

--James Franklin is Jesus and Urban Meyer was Charlie Manson

--all Penn State recruits are potential Rhodes scholars and OSU recruits can't write their names

--OSU harbors criminals of all degrees and nothing bad ever happened at Penn State...their program is pure as the driven snow and all players and coaches immediately become near saints when they join the team

there has never in the history of football been a more delusional, conspiracy filled, world is out to get me fan base like Pedo State

Comment 16 Nov 2019

he has bounced around since Ariz st circa late 1990's with extremely limited success..until now

Comment 16 Nov 2019

Alex Griinch a Broyles semi-finalist cheapens the whole award.he's terrible

Phil Snow hasn't bee relevant since the 1997 Rose Bowl game....funny how it cycles around.

Aurbuen will end up nothing more than a 4 loss team who has  good losses and will only be ranked becaus of perceived bias...Wisconsin would truck truck them

Comment 16 Nov 2019

Sounds like training partners played a major roll in his moving to State Penn. The opportunity to wrestle against Cael? wow...I didn't realize he still got down in the weeds so to speak.

Wonder if Snyder's decision was the reason Kervliet left?

Yes..where is Hayes?

I get red-shirting Karchla..he could be a 4 timer AA...multi champion

there was an article that suggested Sasso may bump up to 157 to make room for Echemendia..I hope not..Sasso looks like a finalist at 149.