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Comment 20 hours ago

I watched the entire game on the skycam 4K channel. During all the timeouts the can heads over to where the team is huddled inside the numbers. The entire game, I never saw Coach Ed enter the center of the huddle (offense or defense) and give any coaching. He circled the huddle..tapping a player here and there on the shoulder and when he turned he would clap his hands and said "Let's go, let's go". That was his entire and complete coaching for the game.

He gets credit for hiring the right coordinators...then get completely out of there way..but I've never , ever seen a head coach so uninvolved with the play-to-play. My guess is losing Brady, Aranda, and Burrow will be incredible damging to next years team

Comment 16 Jan 2020

I remember long bus rides to school when I was a kid..on google maps it's less than 2 miles....I guess we must of made a lot of stops.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

was listening to him one time talking about obesity and he summed it up that "maybe you shouldn't dip everything you eat in ranch dressing"

Comment 09 Jan 2020

when I worked for Tyson Bearing Co in Massillon for a summer job..they had a machine that presses out the outer cage of the bearing and the operator had a tether to both his wrists so the machine would not press (supposedly) until his hands were out of the way. The old guy doing this had 3 fingers missing and I asked him why he was still doing it..he said each finger was $10k...of course this was the 70's..inflation and all you know

Comment 18 Dec 2019

that team up north did not sign a single player from Ohio..first time ever? Is that how yo go about trying to beat Ohio State?

Comment 18 Dec 2019

pretty sure it was a play on his name for the popular comedy - Coach.........."Hayden Fox"

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Ohio State's win over his #1 ranked team in 1985 is still a classic and was an SI cover for that week. The 19990 OSU team that beat his #5 team in Iowa City was also a classic..the last second TD pass to Bobby Olive and the TV cut to Hayden's expression was the epitome of coaching pain.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

actually..it was a report or comment from someone from Columbus tasked with cleaning up the mess from the Ohio St - texas game in Columbus in 2005? Apparently the worker was asked what was so bad about the cleanup and he said that there were people who crapped in coolers.

Since then (14 years ago) OSU has placed many more port-a-johns around the tail gate lots of Ohio Stadium.

Ofr course, Michi-man heard about this and coined the phrase cooler-poopers......as if that was never done anywhere else at a sporting event...and...michi-man can tell the difference between human feces from Ohio and human feces from Texas....so I guess mich-man is an expert in identifying shit.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

I appreciate your perspective and honest opinions on here. I agree that the biggest difference is the talent is just better at Ohio State. I think you may be ignoring a huge reason why that is. Not only is OSU a bigger brand in the cfb world right now, but endless comments from people who know Harbaugh say he is well..weird. IMO, the Mich brand brings in recruits...enough to be a top 10-15. It is not a brand on the level of OSU right now and having a HC that's 'weird' is not going to close that gap. There are probably very few recruits that choose Mich because JH is the HC..in fact..I pose that many choose in spite of this because they like the 'brand'.

The national perception of Harbaugh is not good. He may be a good coach..maybe even above average ( I don't think anyone would consider him 'great') and he may continue to produce 9-10 win seasons..but I am as confident in this statement as ever....Mich will not ever reach the level of elite that OSU shares right now as long as they have a 'weirdo' coaching them.

btw...the term 'weirdo' is now a common used description of Harbaugh throughout media outlets...I did not pluck that from my own mind.