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Comment 03 Apr 2019

yep...and they never got to celebrate.

I like the mixture of both suck and heartbreak the last 17 years. I mean I enjoyed the Appy State win almost as much as a Buckeye win. The Sparty blocked punt TD with no time remaining...pure ecstasy.

Comment 19 Feb 2019

125 Lee (IA) tech fall Heinselman (OSU)    Iowa 5 - OSU 0

133 DeSanto (IA) tech fall or MD Pletcher (OSU) Iowa 10/9 - OSU 0

141 McKenna (OSU) MD Turk (IA)  Iowa 10/9 - OSU 4

149 Jordan (OSU)   dec Lugo (IA)    Iowa 10/9 - OSU 7

157 Young (IA)  dec Hayes (OSU)     Iowa 13/12 - OSU 7

165 Marinelli (IA)  MD Romero or Campbell  (OSU)  Iowa 17/16  - OSU 7

174 Smith (OSU)  dec  Shaw (IA)    Iowa 17/16 - OSU 10

184 Martin (OSU) dec Wilcke (IA)    Iowa 17/16 - OSU 13

197 Moore (OSU)  dec Warner (IA)   Iowa 17/16 - OSU 16

285 Stoll (IA)  dec  Singeltary (OSU)  Iowa 20/19 - OSU 16

157 and 174 could go either way. Heinselman or Pletcher might not give up that many points..or could get pinned. Marinelli could possibly earn more than a MD. Martin or Jordan might earn bonus....it would be close...Iowa looks to be better on paper.

Comment 04 Feb 2019

Most TTUN fans believe that they do not even actively recruit these types of marginal 'scholar-athletes'

I think it was put in writing somewhere that OSU roster has higher SAT/ACT scores on average than TTUN....maybe not even close.

Comment 23 Jan 2019

Mussina and Petitte have almost identical records. Mussina's 5 gold gloves was a plus. Petitte has top 3 post season numbers. Petitte admitted juicing for an injury.....I hold that a little different than every day enhancement use...but even then..Bonds and Clemens did enough before and after juicing to get in.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

UFM is not going anywhere that will preclude him from watching Nate play baseball the next 4-5 years. He has said this is his #1 priority right now...not coaching another fb team across the country.

Urban and Shelley have the big picture in mind. Retirement from the state of Ohio at 62+ is also a factor. It is IMO, way more likely UFM will soon become AD at OSU (or Cincy or BG) than coach anywhere.

I can't imagine Urban wanting to do anything that would prevent him from watching OSU play...studio analyst would be my guess. A network like FOX cutting into Gameday would cause the biggest stir ..and a big personality like UFM would turn the most channels.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

just walking around people watching is great fun. Walk through a bunch of casinos

Walk through the Venetian and catch the live play/opera or take a canal boat ride

Bellagio Conservatory Gardens and shops.

Flamingo Gardens

Comment 12 Jan 2019

almost all legitmate colleges require a minimum credits earned at that institution before they put their name atop aan undergrad diploma.

Tate could be completing his OSU diploma 'online'.

My youngest son graduated in 6 semesters with a degree in Physics..so the 'easy' major argument is not necessarily true ( 1 yr of credits while in HS)

When I played..coaches 'encouraged'  players to take only 12-15 hrs during the season because of the time demands, so summers were used to catch up academically

Players today do not have to take summer semester classes..but if they do and take a full schedule (12 credits) they get full room and board and real cost of attendance $$...which amounts to what most would make on a summer job.

I hope Tate does indeed graduate and not use the Zach Smith deal...but .most people will use any angle they have to further their careers

Comment 10 Jan 2019

On eaches best day..Clem and Bama better. On anyone's off day vs. the other's best day..who knows. Syracuse gave Clem a game and Ga gave Bama a game..and both those teams were either equal to or less talented than OSU.

Without Thayer Munford at LT...I don't think OSU would be capable of playing their best or what would be needed to hang with those two.

Comment 06 Jan 2019

neither Day nor Schiano was or would be making 1.3 to 1.5M a year as a coordinator at OSU. Stod or dud..he appears to have done it for the money and who can blame them. I've never been to Norman..but an extra 500-700k could make any of us want to move there.

OSU will be OK..they were pretty good befor he got here and Wazzou was OK when he left.....he's not a 1 man program changer.

Comment 05 Jan 2019

There was a long time poster on OSU boards that went by Pooh-bah Buckeye..never bothered to know what that meant until today..

these player rankings only go back to 2000. Katzenmoyer and Pace would have been 1.000's.in the 90;s. Speilman was on the cover of Wheaties in the 80's...so the correct title might be "Highest rated player at OSU in the past 19 yrs."

Comment 03 Jan 2019

adding a bit to the Okie St fans criticism of Yurcich....

at times they blame him for the defense lapses (tired) when the offense goes 3 and out so quickly. OKSU defenses get worn down pretty often, so I imagine this happened enough to cause concern. When OKST needed to burn some clock or rest the defense..they had trouble with that concept.

..just laughing at the historic imprint in my memory of Buddy Ryan choking Jeff Fisher for the same thing..

Comment 02 Jan 2019

I heard Trevor Maddich this morning who came out and said the original piece on Meyer this summer was riddled with  information that was proven to be false....so there's that....and it was on espn