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My Gameday Routine...What's Yours ?

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August 30, 2014 at 10:28am

I live in Florida now. I am a Bucknut.  I have a game day routine. Here's mine...what is yours ?

(prior to buying my house checking on how I will be watching the games and verifying they work)

1) I'll ask my wife to buy special food and a good beer for game day.

2) I will not sleep well (my insomnia just looks for an excuse to arise)

3) I get up and begin listening on computer to WTVN radio streaming their pre-game shows

4) clean my tv screen and position my chair...make sure dvr is primed to record

5) put on my buckeye clothes ...everything must be buckeye..  sox ,shirt,pants...... everything

6) bring in some of my buckeye "stuff" around the tv and room to get the Buckeye mojo going

7) bring out the snacks and beer

8) turn on the big screen  tv...zone in

 cheer wildly during the game

watch the Buckeyes......   W I N

(today because of the noon start... I'll be having a cook out...after the game)


(ok...I've come out of the closet.How do you prepare ?)


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