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Hypothetical 2015 Braxton

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August 19, 2014 at 6:45pm

What if... And this is just a what if...

-JT Barrett thrives this year.

-Braxton does indeed return next year.

-We know how players are analyzed and critiqued by the NFL draft process. 

With the above being said and if it transpires, would it be best for Braxton and the team to return as a RB and maybe get drafted as a top 3 round back? He had his detractors of him as an QB and was needing still some development as a passer in year 4 to get serious run at being a top round pick. Now with the re-injured shoulder, the Espn coverage upon his draft would probably never let that die. I remember how they kept hounding Beanie's nagging injuries.

Anyway, what's the rest of the Buckeye Nation think? Has anybody been around to experience something similar to what could go down? He's such a good athlete, that could be amazing to see him All Big Ten, and Offensive Player of the Year, at two different positions. We are SO deep at RB, too, so does that discourage this? Anyway, not suggesting, just bored and off season "what if" thinking after the unfortunate recent transgressions.

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