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Your Top Ten

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July 31, 2014 at 1:13pm

In honor of the release of the Coaches Poll, what is your Top Ten for '14?  

  1. FSU (Champs bring back Winston and plenty of weapons)
  2. Auburn (Almost beat FSU last year, and bring plenty back)
  3. MSU (Does anybody really think Bullough was the reason Sparty's defense was so good?)
  4. Oklahoma (Bring back the QB that shredded Bama, so I put them ahead of Bama)
  5. Oregon (Mariota makes them very dangerous, but I still remember their 42-14 loss to 5 loss AZ)
  6. Alabama (Saban, I guess)
  7. OSU (Finished with two losses, lots of questions)
  8. UCLA (Hundley + 16 returning starters = 8)
  9. S. Carolina (Hey, they beat that Clemson team)
  10. Stanford (I ain't putting Baylor here)
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