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Breaking down the hype machine. Over/Under game.

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July 30, 2014 at 1:55pm

A few weeks ago I created a forum topic about the 10 things I want to see from our Buckeyes this season. Today I thought it would be fun to address the team and the preseason hype surround OSU.

1. We all remember the hype surrounding OSU's John Simon-led 2012 defensive line. While they played well, if not great at times, we can all admit they did not completely live up to the hype. Still breaks my heart to see Simon hobbling out of the tunnel unable to play against TSUN, but I digress. Will the Bosa-Spence-Washington-Bennett line live up to the national and local hype of being the best DL in college football?

My response: Under. No, they will not. They will play great and be a top 10 line, but challenges in the secondary will downplay their production.

2. Will Braxton become the ball distributor he wants to be (claims he wants to be)? How many wide outs/H-backs/TEs finish with impact seasons on offense because of this? Over / Under 5? (Impact can be defined as solid number catches, yards, TDs or big play ability)

My response: Over. Wilson, Heuerman, Devon Smith, Samual, Corey Smith and lesser known playmaker will step up.

3. Urban has stated on numerous occasions that freshman will play and make an impact this season. How many true freshman will make a palpable impact this season? Over/ Under 3?

My response: Under. I believe we have the talent and on a lesser Big 10 team these kids may get the playing time, but I am not sure who gets beat out for that to happen. Contributions yes, palpable impacts no.

4. I think my main man Zeke Elliot is going to have a terrific first season as lead tailback. That being said, I do not think he will carry the rock as much as Carlos did last season. Over / Under 3. How many OSU rushers finish with 250 plus yards this season?

My response: Over. I am going to say Zeke leads the charge, but Dunn, Samual and Wilson all finish with above 250.

5. A question I am most intrigued by - With improvements expected at both LB and in the Secondary, will OSU's defense be able to shut the door on opposing offenses? How many times during the past two seasons would the offense put up 40, the game seemed like a blowout, but the score would reflect 40-27 or 38-24.This should lead to greater margins of victory and an improved national perception. Over / Under on six 30 point victories this season?

My response: Under. With Indiana, Minnesota and a few other typical lesser Big 10 teams putting together competant offenses I see this number in the ballpark of 3 - Kent State, Rutgers (welcome to the Big kid) and Illinois. I would love to see Penn State be a repeater on this list.

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