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My FNL Experience

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July 26, 2014 at 8:48am

This by far was the best yet. At the closed end of the stadium they allowed you to walk down on to the field behind the end zone and along the sidelines up to the 30/40 yard line. Made for some cool photos and enhanced the fan experience.  On the way into the stadium ran into Spence and then into Joshua Perry. Gotta close-up of Rae and UFM. Saw Big Meech, Craig Krenzel(spelling). And of all former players I'm pretty certain I saw Ricky Dudley lol

But the best part was watching when the players came together to compete one on one. I purposely moved down to watch the qbs, wrs and dbs so I gotta close-up of Torrance and his hand cannon of an arm. The best battle was EGW and the kid from Massillon think his name was Rogers. They went back and forth a bunch of times-trash talking and calling each other out. UFM was even calling routes for the WR. 

Gotta love FNL!

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