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Most Painful Regular Season Losses this Century

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July 24, 2014 at 9:54pm

EDIT: '06 Florida is obviously the worst. I meant to say regular season.


I'm interested to see what everyone thinks were the 3 most awful games to lose this century in the regular season, or the most painful to watch. My top 3 would have to go something like this:


3A. USC vs Ohio State 2008 - An absolute embarrassment, filled with Todd Boeckman throwing 2 interceptions. At least it set up the path for Pryor to become a starter. Sanchez just dominated us.

3B. USC vs Ohio State 2009 - Second game in the home and home and I still have trouble coping with the final drive of that game. Thought they were finished on 3rd down. Should have won it, and the stadium was rocking.

2. Purdue vs Ohio State 2009 - This would most likely be included in anyone's list, and I just struggle to understand how we could get no offense going in a game against a defense as putrid as Purdue's that year. I avoided people for the next few days after this loss. I needed time alone with a friend named Jack.

1. Texas vs Ohio State 2005 - The eventual national champion Longhorns came into Columbus and despite Ohio State leading most of the 4th quarter, Vince Young scored with a little over 2 minutes left to win the game for UT. Ohio State caused 3 Texas turnovers in Texas territory and yet each time only converted a field goal. All around the most painful loss I can remember.

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