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OSU recruiting my son. Be there on 25th

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July 18, 2014 at 11:08am

Well ... not really. Let me clarify. My son is heading in to his Sr year of High School. He's carrying a 4.3 GPA while taking international baccalaureate classes. He's been receiving emails, letters and phone calls non stop from tOSU. Pretty damn proud of him. We're scheduled and confirmed to come down on the 25th for the Ohio State Honors and Scholars Day. Hoping to drop in to catch a little Friday Night Lights action while there.

To be clear - it is free but the concessions cost an arm & leg?
Any word on if former players ie Eddie George will be in attendance this year?
Will all the cool kids be sitting in an 11W section? (Assuming Byrnes will be out back shooting craps lol)

And most importantly - what are the best spots to grab a bite around campus so my son can get a good feel for the the environment. It's been a long long time since I lived in Columbus an studied my craft at CCAD. Looking to get him out of Michigan for the next couple years and in to the great state of in which he was born - Ohio

Thanks guys, any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

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