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One day a lady met this fellow. Blah blah blah, boom I was born. Go Bucks.


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Comment 19 Oct 2015

I couldn't remember the details with Dean but medical team clearance/non clearance seems to be the difference.

Being a current Southfield resident, I always root to see any of the kids here get a chance to perform well on the big stage. Maybe one of the up and coming B1G programs will offer if Sparty doesn't - their RB stable seems to pretty full right now.

Comment 13 Oct 2015

Indeed. I remember in High School beating a highly ranked Franklin Wildcat team that the newspaper gave us no chance of beating. At the end of the game our stadium PA system started blaring "Don't believe the Hype". Team and the crowd went nuts. One of those bad ass moments that will always be etched in to my memory.

I regress, great album indeed! And I'll be wearing my black buckeye shirt that I purchased about 6 years ago! Just gotta lose about 20 lbs ...

Comment 04 Oct 2015

... could only imagine the number of dudes that would've punched holes in their mommas basement walls and banged away angrily on Netscape all night if this site would've been around in 96 & 98.

But all that would've been nothing compared to the season long creation of Myspace accounts DEMANDING change every Saturday during the 2002 season ...

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Sorry for the hassle but good on you for doing the right thing.

Every time a Buckeye fan does good, Cardale trucks a nose tackle.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

I'm not as tuned in as many of you have been the past few weeks but did a quick search and I don't see anything relating to him and camp. I'm assuming he's made the full time transition to the defensive side of the ball?

Comment 06 Aug 2015

The first time he breaks someones ankles and bolts 50 yards I'm officially going to dub him "The Brooklyn Dodger"

Comment 05 Aug 2015

If there were hot girls on campus that would be able to sway his loyalties I'd be concerned. But from what my wife and I saw, I have no worries LOL

In all honesty though, anything is possible. I'd hope not. He's spent his entire school life being the Buckeye outsider in the land of wolverines & spartans and has enjoyed it. But … it's college, and I'm a realist, so you never know

Now … would it change my Will ...

Comment 05 Aug 2015

Purposely did not wear any buckeye gear to orientation or talk trash. This was a family business trip. This will be my son's school for the next four years and understanding his academic path was our focus. We sat quiet through 2 1/2 days of presentations where we heard everyone from campus security to head of housing take little shots at the Buckeyes and Spartans. And we remained calm knowing it was all jealous BS. But that scenario … it just couldn't go unchallenged. I thought it. She said it. She wins. "You come at the KING Queen, you best not miss …"

Comment 05 Aug 2015

They had a creative cropping of the shot. He had to email it to them 3 weeks ago to be picked up over the orientation. When he got it, the Buckeyes is cropped. It's an inside family joke now