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June 29, 2014 at 8:07am

Most of the articles discussing the two divisions in the B1G on 11W and elsewhere continuously state how deep and dominant the East division will be while the West division is wide open.  I'll point out Kyle Rowland's preview of Iowa where he states how Iowa has a very friendly schedule, avoiding OSU, MSU, PSU and that other school up there.  Obviously, no one has anyone but Sparty or our beloved Buckeyes winning the East.  PSU is being given way too much credit for a new coach (who I don't think anyone would confuse as being better than B.O.B.) and a recruiting class that hasn't even signed yet. As always, scUM is riding their always highly-ranked, always underdeveloped athletes and its history to any sense of national attention.  The West has Wisconsin and Nebraska (I believe Bo gets over the hump), with Iowa on their heals.  A case could be made that NW is right behind them, if all the potential they showed in 2012 comes to fruition as we expected it to last year. 

My point is that the East is a two team division that is an underperforming unit/handful of injuries away from being the ACC Coastal division.  Ok, maybe not, but you get the idea.  The West is not "wide open," but a very tight race and has the potential to have more ranked teams throughout and at the end of the year.  After the Bucks, B1G West games will be next on my list this fall.

Thoughts, give em to me!




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