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Penn State Game 2014 Prediction

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June 13, 2014 at 12:55pm

Just wanted to poll the 11W audience on their prediction of this game in 2014. I've seen posts from "experts" on ESPN, SI as well as fellow 11Wers that think this is one we're going to lose. Personally, as much as my hatred has grown for PSU going to school in PA for the last three years, I honestly can't fathom a healthy Buckeye team slipping up in Happy Valley. Anyways here's my logic. I would enjoy hearing everyone's input and as always Go Bucks!

  • We beat them by seven TDs last year. Their defense could not stop us literally. We had just under 700 yards of offense and average about 9 yards/ play. Their best defensive player and the only one to make an All-BIG 10 team was also drafted last year.
  • Penn States offensive line could not contain our D-line last year. They graduated the best member of their O-line, and our D-line just keeps getting better.
  • Hackenberg struggled big time completing ~50% of his passes verse one of the worst secondary play calling coverages I've ever seen out of my Silver Bullets. While, I expect Hack to mature and get better this off-season, I also expect our secondary to be A LOT better under Ash and not give a 10 yard cushion. 
  • Penn State graduated one of the best WR I've ever seen play there in Allen Robinson. Just to know how much of an impact he had there had had 1432 yards receiving there last year. The next best receiver had 333 yards and was a TE. Their other senior WR who had 312 yards receiving graduated. 
  • While I hate using this as an argument, I'll state it anyways. Franklin has yet to beat a team with more than 8 wins. While I love the energy and recruiting competitiveness he brings to the program, I do not see him beating us his first year there, even if it is at home. 
  • Just because I don't want to be 100% biased, here are things that weaken our 2014 team. While it won't be easy replacing these players, we have A LOT more depth than PSU: losing Hyde, Roby, Shazier, and 80% of our O-Line. 
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