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Why Bert and Saban should love spread offenses

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March 5, 2014 at 7:13pm

When thinking about the 10 sec rule and trying to slow spread offenses down.  Why wouldn't Bert and Saban prefer the rest of the country to run spread offenses. When recruiting athletes out of HS you have "spread athletes" , "pro athletes" then kids some where in between. 

If Ohio State, Oregon, Auburn, Clemson, etc, etc, etc .... are going for the smaller quicker athletes, wouldn't that, essentially, cut your recruiting competition down. It's not crazy to think Alabama has seen a rise in recruiting under Saban when more than half the schools are no longer targeting the bigger bulker kids designed for pro style systems.  The odds of stock piling those types of recruits are greater. 

Am I way over thinking this?


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