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The infamous 40 time

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February 24, 2014 at 11:23am

I really believe to an extent this is a very over hyped  drill for the most part. I feel aside from kick/punt returners, WRs, DBs, and RBs most positions aren't going to be running 40 yards in a straight line let alone without pads. Personally as much as it sucks seeing guys 40 times adjusted, I'm glad they standardized things with the laser time. It levels the playing fields and gives an honest number that's non-biased. Speed will give an advantage and can't always be taught, but I'm a big fan of instincts and watching film verses looking at numbers. I feel like some of these numbers get way over hyped.

Anyways, my point of this is I would actually like to see 40's (at the NFL combine or even HS combines) run with pads on. Gotta figure guys will try to cheat this with lighter pads so you standardize the pads you run in across the board. I think it would give a more realistic feel of the game. Personally my argument for this is I've played with guys that run 4.3 on the track but run 4.6 with pads and 4.5 track guys that seem to not slow down with pads on.  Discuss. 

Would have been a 4.3


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