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This Week’s Question: Do You Still Have NCAA Tournament Hopes for Ohio State Men’s Basketball This Season?

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February 26, 2024 at 8:00am

Happy Monday, Eleven Warriors!

After yesterday finally saw the end of Ohio State’s 17-game road losing streak on the heels of last week’s upset over Purdue, suddenly the Buckeyes have a glimmer of postseason buzz about them again. Of course, the downward spiral this team went on prior to Chris Holtmann’s dismissal likely had many fans abandon any March Madness dreams for this squad long ago.

So This Week’s Question asks: Do you still have NCAA Tournament hopes for Ohio State men’s basketball this season?

If Ohio State wins at least two of its three remaining regular season games and has a strong showing in the Big Ten Tournament that nets at least a couple of wins, suddenly this team has 20 victories on its record. However, some fans may already find themselves emotionally exhausted and prefer for the year to just be over so the Buckeye brass can focus on finding a replacement for Holtmann. A potential postseason bid also puts Ohio State in an interesting situation with respect to what to do with Jake Diebler going forward.

This team earning a ticket to big dance after Holtmann threw his players under the bus and called them “soft” would be extremely funny, so I hope it happens.

But what about you? Have you let go of seeing the Buckeyes in March Madness, or do you still believe in this team’s postseason potential down the stretch?

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