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Is It the Coaching Staff or is It One Player?

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January 25, 2023 at 12:39pm

Is coach Holtmann to blame for the teams lousy chemistry and the teams play? Is it the fault of Brice Sensabaugh a apparent one and done who may be “getting mine” to showcase his NBA stock? 

Bruce Thornton said in a post game interview, “when we practice together, when we put Ohio State on our chest and play for that I feel like it’sa good chance we are going to win every night “. Finally a peek behind the curtain. Read between the lines. There’s obviously some individualism and selfish play happening. 

in Justice Sueings post game interview when asked can things be fixed, he responded, “it’s on us buying into the coaches”. I hear this and I think, Coach Holtmann has lost the locker room. When a coach loses the locker room forget about it, season is finished. 

so, did coach never have the locker room? I do not believe this. When things started to get tough and veteran players did not step up, is that when the locker room was lost? Or did he have the locker room up until Brice started to be the number one option on the team? I believe that it was at this point. I don’t think that it sits well with the veterans (even though they haven’t taken it upon themselves to make the team better) that a freshman has the long leash to do what he wants. 

There has to be a rift on this team. But is it between the players and the coaches or is it between the players. For the programs sake it needs to be between the players. If the players do not believe in the coaches then we as fans are looking at some dark days ahead. Let’s Go Buckeyes! Get that team spirit back again. Like Herb Brooks said, “the name on the front of your jersey is a hell of a lo more important than the one on the back”!!

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