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2019-20 Basketball Schedule

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March 27, 2019 at 1:52pm

Early yet, but looking forward to the path our program is on these next couple years.

There are a couple of known games so far.  Any others to date?

Cincinnati at Ohio State - home opener

Gavitt Tipoff Games.  Unlike the ACC Challenge the pairings in these have been mostly unexciting to date with a few exceptions like last year's Michigan - Villanova rematch and the expected regional matchups such as MD - G'town and St. John's - Rutgers.  While I'd love to see OSU host Xavier, Villanova, or Georgetown, it's equally likely that we host a dud like DePaul and equally likely that with 14 Big Ten teams and 10 Big East we may not even participate.

Ohio State at ACC opponent for the Challenge.  The Bucks hosted back to back ACC opponents the last two seasons, so this will be a road game.  Speculating it might be Bucks at Syracuse for the return visit. Duke (all but guaranteed a road game at Purdue, MSU, or Michigan, having hosted at Cameron 3 of the last 4 years), UVA (just recently played a home and home), and L'ville (just played at their place and they are on schedule for a road trip) are off the table.  There's an outside shot the Bucks could head to UNC.  But my best guess is that we will be making the trip to 'Cuse.

2 of 20 Big Ten conference games in early December

Ohio State vs. Kentucky - 12/21 in Las Vegas for the CBS Classic with UNC-UCLA

Ohio State vs. West Virginia - 12/29 in Cleveland

Remaining 18 of 20 Big Ten conference games

BTT in Indianapolis


Unrelated to next year, seems like Ohio State is well overdue to head to Hawai'i for the Maui Invitational (we last went in '03).  MSU and Illinois have been 3 times since our last visit; Michigan, Wisconsin, IU, and Purdue have been twice since then.  MSU (2019), IU (2020), and Purdue (2021) will stretch that in the next few years.  Was this something Thad was not interested in?  Just seems odd that the stretch of not participating has gone on so long.


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