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To Many Tv Timeouts in College Basketball

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December 15, 2018 at 12:42pm

There are just way to many tv timeouts in college basketball. The under 16 under 12 under 8 under 4. In both halves, look at the game which has now gone to halftime.

Ohio St was up 37-25 and there momentum was killed by the under 4 timeout, and now trailing 40-39.

They should have 2 tv timeouts per half, under 12 and under 8. The first 8 minutes should be all basketball unless a coach calls a timeout. Then after the under 8 no more tv timeouts until halftime.

I know they will never do it, but they really need to change it. Seeing commercials every 2 minutes sucks, and it's even worse during march madness.

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