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How Many More Years for Matta and One Day Moving Beyond

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March 27, 2015 at 1:49pm

First, This isn't a forum to oust Matta. But it is becoming more evident that the physical grind of the season with what he has to go through is becoming trying. I don't think next year will be his last but I wouldn't bet on him seeing this incoming class through to their senior year. When he came in he was a great mid level coach. Always got the best out of his XU and Butler teams. Ohio State which was a basketball after thought  now has us come to expect sweet 16's and winning the B1G year in year out. 

Do you think the next coach will come from outside? Will it be another mid level coach that is rising up? I think he's set the program into the tier that we don't have to go after a middle tier coach unless they wanted to. 

Could you see a grooming process kinda like Pat Riley style did with the Heat (on a college scale) with a guy like Paulus, who seems to have the players attention and seems like a future superstar.

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