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Comment 20 Dec 2017

Good luck to the kid, I hope it works out but I know Ohio and a lot of people will resent the decision. Either he doesn't pan out and he was the over hyped loser that didn't amount to anything or he's a superstar and he's a traitor (Charles Woodson-that was 24 years ago and people still think of it today). I wouldn't want a kid that thinks like this on the team for one second. Say it doesn't work out down at Clemson, tell him Cincinnati probably has a spot. If you are not locked in 100% then there isn't a place for you because there are 100 guys that would kill for that. And I'm the teammate I know who I want next to me. 

Comment 14 Mar 2017

None of those nerds thought to themselves wow this guy is going to be the biggest and one of the fastest in the league, the pictures are outrageously funny. 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

No coach can make players care? This is precisely what great coaches do, outside of about 30 players the difference in talent in college basketball isn't all that great, it's about motivation teaching and getting the team to gel. This just isn't happening anymore. Everyone told me that it wasn't that big of a deal when all those kids transferred last year. while I didn't expect this team to win the big ten or make the sweet sixteen. I did think they'd have a decent shot at the tournament. However they finish with a losing record nothing that would provide confidence going forward and a coach who clearly knows he's a wanted man. They didn't care because he didn't get them to.

If we want to Mack brown this thing then by all means let us wasted away whole Cincinnati and Xavier and Dayton all make the tournament while the largest state school in Ohio is sitting at home or trying to lose to get onto spring break. Thad has been a great coach for many years and let's allow him to watch his demise unfold before him while we all forget about the absolute studs he used to get into the program. Should they make the NIT I can tell you how they will break the huddle....Cancun on three!

Comment 06 Dec 2016

Basketball is a crazy sport where you really only need two guys to have a top 10 team and one player to have a very solid team. On the same side of that if you don't have one of these guys you are hopeless. I mean defense and free throws will take you further than it should since these kids can't knock down open shots even if they play on top teams. I just don't see anything in the pipeline or any signs of hope. It's hard to watch college basketball in my opinion and this is very hard to watch. 

Comment 06 Dec 2016

Deangelo Russell was a good get. Having 4 players leave last year was the last straw for me. Think about it like a company. If you go in for an interview and everyone is running for the door you won't get any quality people to join. I'm fairly certain this is the final year and the Chris Jent is going to be the coach after they had brought him back. Thad must be tired, he's got to be. It's an incredibly demanding job and guys that do it for a long time on top are few and far between. 

Comment 23 Nov 2016

Lsu has a terrible offense, and I've got no faith in FSU unless they are playing the game in jimbo fishers basement. Interesting take nonetheless. 

Comment 15 Nov 2016

I get what you are saying but would you care to research and bring up all the big time wins that happened during that time frame, off the top of my head I can think of one, a national isn't a one off situation its about having our very own Mac Brown. I will always be grateful for what Matta has done for the program but I question if he can still perform at the level he did in the past.

Comment 30 Sep 2016

who has the top red zone in all of college football? Would have never guess Rutgers, I guess they prefer people scoring on them from outside the 20 yard line :). I wonder who has more touchdowns in this noon time delight, the Ohio State defense/special teams or Rutger offense. I would like to see like 10 trick plays that are never to be used again so that the rest of the big ten has to waste their practice time preparing for them.

Comment 09 Jun 2016

60,000 people above age 21, lets say half of them have 2 beers on average (some don't drink some will have 4) so that is back to 60,000 beers. Let's also say that its is just the $8 per beer. that is 480k per game, the average cost of a beer they pour is 10 cents or $6,000 the people that serve are there for charity so they don't have to pay them...I'd say you are looking at 400k per game in profit. at 7 home games per year that is 2.8mm in profit. 300k for the cops leaving 2.5mm for the university...would be nice if that went to scholarships and not to some idiot tenure professor trying to see if different colored lights affect the way ants mate or some fools errand like that.

Comment 08 Jun 2016

I doubt people will drink much more than before this, if you are there to get drunk you are already doing that without them making any money. kind of like how drugs are illegal and no one does that sort of thing. It is nice for the people who would enjoy it/don't sneak in 8 air plane bottles of captain morgan.