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This Week's Question: What is Your Favorite All-time Non Football or Men's Basketball Sports Moment?

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March 27, 2023 at 8:00am

We're thinking a little outside the box for this week's question. We usually discuss football and to a lesser extent men's basketball repeatedly on this site (deservedly so of course), but we're going to give the other sports some love here. 

I've worked for Eleven Warriors for about two years, so you'd be forgiven for accusing me of recency bias, but it's hard to not pick the women's basketball team taking down UConn on Saturday. (I'll let someone else pick the obviously more significant accomplishments of Jesse Owens or Jack Nicklaus, this is simply my way of giving that win a bit more attention with it still fresh, fret not).

UConn has had a dominant streak in women's basketball that would make Alabama blush, making every Elite Eight since 2005 and every Final Four since 2007. That all came to an end with OSU's dominating 73-61 victory. 

While the Huskies may not have been a one seed or undefeated, it was the most national publicity I've seen given to an OSU sport not football or men's basketball in my time here, and regardless of how tonight's game goes against Virginia Tech, OSU can count this season as a massive success after reaching the Elite Eight for the first time since 1993.

What moments come to mind for you?

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