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Gene Smith: For The Record

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September 20, 2019 at 8:23am

From time to time, I still see some ignorant comments on here from Gene Smith haters.  I was debating this with some friends of mine and did merely 15 minutes of data digging that I thought was worthy of sharing.

Notes: 1) Pre is the 13 years prior to Gene Smith's 13 year tenure.  Post is his current tenure. 2) In the conference title data, I omitted men's volleyball where we play in a regional type of conference and have won a lot of titles pre and post and also omitted synchronized swimming, where we have been dominant pre and post.

  • Men's Conference Titles: Pre - 26, Post - 53
  • Women's Conference Titles: Pre - 10, Post - 30
  • National Championships in sports where we had never won one (7):  Wrestling (1), Men's Volleyball (3), Women's Rowing (3)
  • Director's Cup Top 10 Finishes: Pre - 4, Post - 8, including (3) 2nd place finishes to Stanford, who has won it literally every year since 1994
  • Capital One Cup Winner: Men's - 2016-17
  • Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of the entire athletic department improved from 80 - 89% under his leadership
  • Football GSR alone went from 55 - 81%

On top of that, he has built a new athletic district with new venues for multiple sports.  And he runs the athletic department as cash positive, meaning the athletic departments takes no university funds or tax money.  There are only a handful of athletic departments in the country that are cash positive.


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