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Results for Where All the Buckeye Nuts Are

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August 10, 2018 at 7:40pm

And... Now at 7:30 pm for the moment we've all been waiting for.  Open the envelope please.

Out of 181 comments in our rigorous statistical survey, there were 166 intelligible responses regarding current residence.  I thought there would have been more responses.  Maybe I'll need to make an addendum later.

Not surprising, Ohio is No. 1 with 26%, or for some maybe 26% is surprisingly low.

The larger states of Florida, California and Illinois are next.  However, the most populous states do not necessarily have the most 11W, with Texas and New York way down the list.  See the summary below.

Nearby states, such as Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania are not well represented.  And many states had a less-than 1% response, and many others had no response.

There were eight 11Wers overseas.  This does not count the one from Ontario, Canada, but does include the one from Hawaii.  The other foreign resident 11Wers were one each in China, England, Germany, Kosovo, South Korea, Sweden and Tanzania.  The one in Tanzania clearly won the greatest distance from Columbus, Ohio based on air travel time.

26%  Ohio
  8%  Florida
  5%  California
  5%  Illinois
  4%  Georgia
  3%  Missouri
  3%  Pennsylvania
  3%  North Carolina
  3%  South Carolina
  3%  Texas
  2%  Kentucky
  2%  Massachusetts
  2%  New York
  2%  Virginia
  2%  Washington
  1%  Alabama
  1%  Arizona
  1%  Indiana
  1%  Louisiana
  1%  New Hampshire
  1%  New Jersey
  1%  New Mexico
  1%  Oklahoma
  1%  Oregon
  1%  South Dakota
  1%  Tennessee
  1%  Utah
  1%  West Virginia

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