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**BROHIO UPDATE #5** Blake Corum's Parents Get a New House the Exact Same Day That Stalions' Tustin, CA Mortgage Paid off

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December 11, 2023 at 10:22pm

You guys remember this post? Quick refresher. Michigan booster Tim Smith aka The Real Totchman posts this cryptic message board post about gaining a real advantage on 11/28/21 


And 4 days prior to him posting this, Connor Stalions' Tustin, CA mortgage is paid off. 

Well it turns out, 11/24/21 was a magical day for Michigan Men and their real estate dealings. In addition to Stalions' mortgage being paid off, Connor's BC2 Housing business partner (or maybe he isn't and Stalions just committed a felony by falsifying the LLC filing form that miraculously no one iin the media is pursuing.) Blake Corum's parents became proud owners of a new house in Warrenton, VA. 

**EDIT** Despite being purchased by the Corums on 11/24/21, it was noticed that the BC2LLC filing paperwork listed this Warrenton house as its address despite the LLC predating the home purchase. Why is that important? This property was previously owned by Blake's grandfather, David Pierce (as referenced in this article) so I would infer that the Corums were already living there and it would appear 11/24/21 was the day they had the funds to buy the house from him and take over the deed.

Another day, another suspicious coincidence. How many more will it take?

YOU get a house....YOU get a house....EVERYBODY gets a house. 


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