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** BROHIO UPDATE ** #2 Even More Connor Stalions Coincidences.

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November 17, 2023 at 5:18pm

OK gang. I found Stalions' California house. As you have probably guessed, some interesting coincidences again. The timing is very interesting on the new stuff as well. Let's do a quick refresh on some dates on the timeline. 

May of 2022: Connor Stalions hired by Michigan
May 19th 2022: Stalions' "Home Essentials Distribution" that I still think is a money laundering front for the travel and ticket expenses makes its' first sale

May 31st 2022: Both of Stalions' parents' mortgages are paid off on the exact same day. 

Now let's add some new dates to the timeline. They are intentionally out of order so I can explain. Remember these dates. 

November 27th 2021: Michigan snaps its losing streak and beats Ohio State 42-27
November 28th 2021: Uncle T makes a forum post thanking David Karp for a suggestion that resulted in a competitive advantage for Michigan. 

Ready for an extremely big coincidence. Remember I said I found Connor's house in Tustin, California...

November 24th 2021: Stalions' California mortgage is paid off. 

Now remember all the events in May of 2022 I listed above? Well, let's add another one. 

May 20th 2022: Connor's Tustin house is officially sold. 

Connor sells his house, 11 days later, both of his parents' mortgages are paid off the exact same day. This could mean he could have been an amazing son and did that for his parents but it would destroy Uncle T's story about how this $100k home sale was funding his life and his sign stealing scheme while he was a lowly unpaid volunteer. Here is the Orange County records site if you want to see all the details of this property

Anyway, add this to the absolute insanity around this case. Keep the heat on these scumbags. Go Bucks. 


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