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Future of the RB Position.

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March 25, 2023 at 5:19pm

This is more about the RB position itself in general rather than the OSU depth chart so I put it here.

As we have watched NFL free agency and draft trends over the past 10 years it’s clear the pro game doesn’t value the RB position as much as it used to. A big 2nd contract is very rare, and most teams  are content to have a group of serviceable backs at team friendly deals rather than a superstar on a big money deal. A guy like Bijan Robinson would have been a sure fire top 10 pick, if not top five, in 2003, but here in 2023 he’s projected for mid to late first round. Gone are the days of the first round being littered with star backs, as teams can wait till the 3rd round or later and get by with guys like Pacheco. Add to that the fact that the shelf life for a RB is significantly shorter, even for superstars (or perhaps especially for). 

We haven’t quite seen this trend affect the college game yet but I wonder if it’s a matter of time before it does. In the age of guys thinking about their future earnings and sitting out meaningless bowl games or shutting themselves down due to injury when in the past they may have returned, what’s there incentive to be a rb? Will we soon see athletes at the hs level choosing to play other positions rather than risk future earnings by playing rb? Will the pool of Zeke, Dobbins, Henderson, or even Miyan level talent dry up in recruiting? Obviously with less choosing to play the position that creates more opportunities for others, but I wonder if we will a see the same devaluing of the position at the college and even high school level. 

What day you all?

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