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Iowa and Ferentz's 25-point Mendoza Line

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February 7, 2023 at 4:06pm

So, Brian Ferentz's contract was reworked and he gets a bonus if the Hawkeyes average 25 points a game. (He also gets a bonus if they win more than seven games.)

That point total seems to be a tall order. Last year they only scored more than 25 points three times. 27 points against Nevada, 27 against Rutgers, and 33 against Northwestern. (They came close against Purdue when they scored 24.)

This is obviously just a ploy to excuse Brian being on dad's payroll at least another year. His base salary is still $850,000, which ain't too shabby. 

So, if you were a betting man and were forced into wagering on this, do you go over/under the 25 point a game average for the Hawkeyes next season?

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