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Kevin Warren Has One Chance to Get This Right and Secure Our Future

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July 22, 2021 at 11:12am

Watching Kevin Warren filibuster his way through a press conference and say absolutely nothing has reinforced the clear perception that he is in over his head. Sample of responses to his impressive efforts at the podium:

Fortunately for Warren and maybe unfortunately for the rest of us, the next year now looks like the defining year of his career. Texas and Oklahoma are on the market, and it is likely they either make their way to the SEC or figure out different options. The Big 12 is about to implode. Realignment is here.

At the same time, the B1G's tv rights deals are going to be renegotiated. The SEC just redid theirs several years in advance, and you can bet the B1G (rights done in '24) is trying to get it done this year. 

One year from now, there is a really good chance we have four larger mega-conferences and a new TV deal in place - to go along with a new playoff structure, which will dictate Ohio State's financial resources, recruiting landscape, and opportunities to win championships over the decade ahead. 

Don't worry, though. Our fate is in the hands of one leader.

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