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Big Ten Schools Ranked by Annoyingness - Spencer Hall

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October 22, 2020 at 2:21pm

This guy went through every big ten school and ranked them on how much they annoy him. Ohio State is #2 and you should probably just skip it and read the other 13. 

The least endearing habit Ohio State has as a fanbase is believing everyone would like to know their take on the situation – all of the situations, actually, at all times. Their most endearing trait is how morbidly funny most of their disasters are. Buck-I-Guy really did show up to a funeral and sign a team photo. Woody Hayes really did pop Charlie Bauman in the jaw on national TV, the Bucks really do lose to Purdue every four years for no reason whatsoever, and they really did lose another coach over some illicit tattoos.

He also has some mean things to say about michigan.

To wit: Michigan doesn’t struggle like some teams do. They writhe theatrically, and in depth, sometimes for weeks at a time following a loss – and never without throwing bombs in every direction to feel better. Under pressure, Michigan fans revert to a Manichean worldview, dividing the world into good and evil.  Michigan does not cheat, and sends squads of noble warrior-poets into battle against fraudulent mercenaries. 

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