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What Are Kevin F. Warren and The SmallTen (BigTen) Actually Doing?

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August 13, 2020 at 2:18pm

I scoured the SmallTen website and it’s social media accounts and I can’t find the conference’s agenda right now. Does anyone have any situational awareness on what is actually occurring at headquarters? 
I think it’s incredibly troubling that you make an announcement cancelling fall sports but don’t have objective reasons why the trigger is pulled and not present a strategic vector for the end state. Then, one of the schools (Nebraska) hints they want to play elsewhere (good on them). Now, two coaches (Coach Day and Jeff Brohm) are shotgunning out proposed solutions to get this thing going in the spring. 
If you’re a leader of a $500M+ organization that affects thousands of people, wouldn’t you hold pressers detailing an agenda? 

What are Kevin F. Warren, the SmallTen and university presidents actually doing? The secrecy and subjectivity isn’t playing well right now. (Insert dumpster fire gif here). 

Beat TTUN!

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