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Comment 10 Jul 2020


I think you’re playing the short game here. The way I read your message is (check me if incorrect): if we all keep our masks on (mixed data on effectiveness) and only socialize with the same, small contingent (impossible and impractical), then this thing will go away... but what is the objective data on how long that way of life needs to occur, with 100 percent accountability from at least every American, if not, the global population, to achieve said result? I think it’s a pipe dream just based on impracticality alone, not to mention the legitimacy of the claim. Curves can be flat all they want, but when normal, freedom-loving, American way of life resumes (which it has to), cases will rise. The calculus behind this decision needs to be no different than the decision to operate with other communicable diseases with similar lethal rates. Living with a mask and minimal socialization, being told what I can or cannot do, and where I can or cannot go, based on no measurable, objective, achievable end state, is not life at all. 

57 days. Let’s open this baby up. 

Ready for BS flags and spears.


Beat TTUN!

Comment 10 Jul 2020


Agree with your underlying premise. Not stated outright, but what I interpreted (correct me if I’m wrong): what is the end state of this thing? China Virus isn’t going away. We have to exist with it. First, it was 15 days to flatten the curve. Now it has morphed into selective application of shut downs and pauses across every discipline of life. The pause on voluntary workouts was probably due to someone in the facility popping positive (or a group of people popping positive). What happens when (WHEN, NOT IF) someone or a group of people pop in 25 days? 50 days? 100 days? Mandated vaccines that prove to be 100 percent effective? Yeah right (plus anti-vaxers won’t have that). The bubble concept is impractical. 100 kids need food and water. I’ll bet the fella at the Kroger’s is an asymptomatic carrier, or knows he’s a carrier, and is out living anyway. We are trundling down a slippery slope And there isn’t an objective, measurable end in sight. Mission creep is a real thing and we experienced it, and are experiencing it, ever since “15 days to slow the spread/flatten the curve” ended. 

Before the flames hit this post or I get 69 down votes, ask yourselves this question: what is the no kidding end state/how do we get back to normal? Use objective data not feelings. The second, third, and fourth order effects BeatTTUN mentioned are real and are only paid lip service. Allow individuals to make the call on what level or risk they are willing to accept. Don’t force feed me pauses and cancellations based on subjective data with no apparent end state in sight. 

and most of all, open The Shoe in 57 days and let’s get this thing going!

Beat TTUN!

Comment 03 Jul 2020

Targeting may well be the only rule where intent should be the baseline in application. And by intent, I don’t mean the player’s. I mean the intent behind the rule. For instance, if the intent is to avoid player injury by limiting forcible contact from another player’s helmet, then the officials need to assess the situation as to whether injury is likely. Like many posts have noted, when have you seen a RB get dinged for targeting even though the contact they initiate in between the tackles in short yardage situations fits the rule book? I can’t say that I have. Conversely, the safety that hits a defenseless receiver... you know the drill. 

I agree there has to be black and white criteria, otherwise the officials are calling the game on subjectivity and feelings. But there has to be some latitude in its application. And I think the only way you get there is by having officials start with: “what effect is this rule trying to achieve/what is the intent behind it.” Once they’re able to assess the situation and whether the intent behind the rule is met, they can move on to objective criteria. Otherwise, start calling RBs on 4th and 1. Or modify criteria. 

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