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August 13, 2020 at 2:07pm

I wanted to get something started to help us all stay in on the (previously aired) action.  There's lots of (past) sporting events to watch.  Here's a portion of the programming guide for the B1G Network - I'll be updating later.  

I really hope this topic will take off and generate lots of discussion points and require multiple threads, just like the recruiting threads.  Let everyone know what you watched, and share your memories/impressions.  

THU 8-13-20

1:30 Michigan Football Classic vs. Purdue - 1999!!!!  (not live)

2:30 - 4:00 Green and White Days - Behind the scenes fall camp coverage from 2016!!! (note, not current year team/camp coverage)

4:00  Iowa football classic from 1990!!!! (not live) -  COY awards weren't even a blink in Kirk Ferentz's eyes yet.

5:00 Rose Bowl Game 1988 (not live) - Sparty takes down USC 20-17 (oops!, should have given a spoiler alert!)

6:00 MSU Football Classic vs. Michigan 1990 (not live) - Desmond Howard goes down


By the time 7:00 PM rolls around, I'm sure many of you will want to check the CBJ score to see who won.  You might then consider for a moment why you were watching BTN instead of a live sporting event that has actual meaning, but that feeling will likely subside quickly. 

At this point I turn it over to anyone else who might be able to help with updating what we have at our disposal to watch - if anyone wants to take on the responsibility of updating through at least December or so, feel free.


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