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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship team is a no-brainer...I'll go with Evan Turner's last second, near-half court shot as time expires to beat TSUN in the BIG tourny. Unbelievable, and I loved Thad Matta giving TTUN's coach an earful - rumored to be in regards to him not voting for Turner as player of the year.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Braxton Miller, but other Buckeyes are fast approaching..
  • NFL TEAM: Brownies
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets, I guess?
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians

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Comment 16 Jan 2020

Fields is already a heavy betting favorite to win the Heisman next year.  He's going to have himself some games, that's for sure. 

Comment 16 Jan 2020

I see multiple mentions of taking on O-lineman in the third.  

I fully admit I don't know a thing about Cincy and their current depth chart, but wouldn't you want a better (2nd round) O-lineman to protect the surest #1 QB in a while?

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Yeh, this would likely be nothing if it was jovial, but OBJ has this look like "bring it."

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Yeh, I talked to people who were convinced Oregon would cruise against us, and I was like, we just DESTROYED Wisconsin, and whooped Bama pretty good....if you think there's any chance at all that Urban Meyer is going to lose a championship game after beating Bama and Nick Saban, you're high.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Right, because Bama always drops a spot if they struggle for a half against a top-10 team.  You're applying stricter guidelines to OSU than anyone else, who was undefeated and legitimately only struggled in like 5 total quarters of their entire regular season, and they were against top-15 teams.  

LSU gave up 600 yards of offense and 37 points to Ole Miss.  And they only beat Auburn (#9 at the time) by 3.  Don't say OSU didn't look the part, because they certainly did as much as LSU did. 

If every team dropped out of #1 because of 2 quarters of bad play, there would never be a worthy number 1 team.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Because ESPN doesn't necessarily have a bias against the Big 12 or Pac 12.  But they *could* against the Buckeyes and/or Big Ten.  Their biggest competitor, Fox, is quickly rising up as a powerhouse in college football broadcasting.  And guess who Fox covers most?  Big Ten - and OSU is the Big Ten's biggest money grabber.  

I'm not saying definitively there IS a conspiracy, but this is plain as day folks.  It's certainly possible.  

And I don't fault ESPN for wanting to maximize their profit UNLESS they have the behind-the-scenes reach to actually affect the CFP rankings or even possibly outcomes of games.  Who hosts the CFP rankings show each and every week?  Who gets to make the first talking points about the rankings each week, and who gets to interview the head of the CFP committee each week?  

No one can convince me it's not POSSIBLE.

EDIT: Also, I'm pretty sure ESPN is also salty about the creation of the B1G Network as well...

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Holy shit - he wishes they were bad last year?  Does he realize he’d be giving up last years Natty??!  These are glorious.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

How can they compete with OBJ paying players?  They do know that Clemson has the number one 2020 class, with like twenty 5-stars, right?

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Shea won't go first round?!?  But they have so much speed in space in the NFL, I would think he would fit right in on any club.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

My friend is watching and invited me over - I figure ESPN will get his view with or without me, so I'll watch it there.

There will be much beer, and I will likely re-visit the demons from the past couple weeks, but Buckeye fandom and SEC/ESPN/Clemson hate aside, this a matchup I am excited about as a CFB fan.