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The Only Reason Penn State and Michigan Haven't Competed with Ohio State is INCOMPETENCE

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August 8, 2020 at 9:59pm

So lets look at where both programs stand now.

Penn State - Incompetence Years 1997 - 2012 

The incompetence started when Joe Paterno stopped visiting recruits which happened starting in 1997.  The administration became more concerned about getting Paterno as many victories as possible instead of actually building a football program.  They started to lose recruits in their own state which is always the backbone of a football program.

Then of course we found out Paterno had completely lost control of the program and the players.  And we all know how it ended.  Extremely badly.  The incompetence was extreme and it was deep and Penn State paid for it dearly.

Since 2012, Penn State has been competent.  However it still took 5 years for them to be able to complete with Ohio State 50% of the time.  Bill O'Brien and now James Franklin have rebuilt the program to a point where now they might be only 2 or 3 years away from competing with Ohio State 100% of the time.

The future looks promising.

Michigan - Incompetence Years 2000 - Present

I chose the year 2000 because of this rant by Colin Cowherd.  This in my view was one of his best rants of all time.  Too bad Michigan didn't listen to him.  If you haven't heard this rant, it was from 2007 and the very next game they played, they lost to Appalachian State.  Here it is - definitely worth a listen as its still relevant even 13 years later.

1.  He talks about inability to develop players.  Has anything changed in 13 years?  No.  They still can't develop players and now its got to a point where players in Michigan are not just going to elite teams such as Ohio State, they are going to teams like Penn State and Notre Dame (Rocco Spindler is the latest example).

2.  He talks about being owned by Ohio State.  Has anything changed?  No it fact it has gotten worse.  Only 1 victory in the last 13 years since he made this rant and that was a year when Ohio State was crippled.  The next stage of degradation happens when Penn State starts beating them 75% to 100% of the time.  They are like two ships passing in the night.  Penn State is on its way to competing with Ohio State.  Michigan is sailing towards an Ohio State torpedo.

3.  Colin talks about inability to win bowl games (5 of 6)  So whats changed?  Nothing much.  Now they have lost 6 of 7 games so its actually gotten worse.

4. Does less with more.  He says they were the worst in America in 2006.  In 2020 about the only team that does less with more than Michigan is Texas.

5. Not winning their big games.  Has anything changed in 2020?  Nope.

As Colin says, grownups can see it... 

Always interested in Ohio State fans perspective.

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