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Who Will Be Alabama's Next Football Head Coach?

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July 8, 2020 at 10:38am

I was listening to Uncle Lou's season preview video for the Oregon Ducks and he, half-jokingly, half-seriously, suggested that Mario Cristobal (Oregon's current head coach) will be Alabama's next head coach. He was on staff at Alabama from 2013-2016. He was an OL on Miami's 1989 and 1991 national championship teams and he was also previously the head coach at FIU from 2007-2012. So hes got the connections to the south. He's also suprisingly made strides in turning the Ducks defense into a formidable one, while being primarily an offensive staff member and player throughout his career. If he can string together a few more Pac-12 championships and get Oregon to the playoffs a few times I can see this move being realistic.

Saban is getting up there in years and I dont see him coaching in our series that was recently scheduled. Many have suggested Dabo Swinney will slide on over to Alabama after Saban steps down, being an alum, but personally, I just dont see it happening. Hes built a monster at Clemson, is seemingly teflon there, and has little current competition for conference titles and playoff berths in the ACC. His recruiting is rolling and he has a weak rival that he can smash every year, unlike he'd have at Alabama, in Auburn.

There are several other good and possibly more realistic options out there as well. Some coaches that are OC's or DC's right now that we dont know about yet. Who do you think could replace Saban? Will it be Dabo? Will it be Cristobal? Will it be someone else?

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