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Would You Want Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in the B1G?

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May 16, 2020 at 12:18am

RJ Young recently made a video discussing Oklahoma joining the B1G Ten. OU/Texas have carried the Big 12 to this point and with t.v. rights deals on the horizon it may be time for OU to move somewhere they would make more money(currently over $10M+ more is given by the B1G and that would increase with OU.) Many of their old rivals have since moved on from the Big 12(Colorado, Arkansas, A&M, and namely Nebraska) so the conference isnt exactly what it used to be for OU. Academic prestige and almost every other sport(not baseball) are better in the B1G. OU and Texas have been linked together for a longtime but OK State is far more likely to come along with OU. Politically it would be hard for the state government to allow OU to throw OK State down a path that could lead them to the G5. Texas would have a similar issue with Texas Tech to a lesser degree but it would all be much harder to negotiate with due to its arrogance. Lastly, and most important, adding OU and Texas may simply make the conference way too hard. It would basically combine the B1G and Big 12 playoff spot into 1 for all the teams to fight for. Adding only one of those would somewhat eliminate that problem and make the conference better but still realistic.

The B1G would stand to gain a lot from this as well. Obviously revenue would increase to start with. RJ proposed adding OU/OK State to the B1G west(which would knock Purdue into the east.) I would want four divisions similar to the NFL. This would give a real power to the west making the championship game a much bigger deal. Nebraska reuniting with Oklahoma would be fantastic for everybody. OK State wont compete for a title but it gives the conference a really good depth team. Moving into Oklahoma would also help the west with recruiting in Texas due to increased exposure. The B1G would be guaranteed a playoff spot and would at worst be even with the SEC. 

There are quite a few reasons not to bring them in. First competition would increase when OSU doesnt need much help making the playoffs. Crazy upsets are the only things keeping OSU out every year. Oklahoma is a pretty bad recruiting area reliant on Texas, when Nebraska left the Big 12 they struggled with their recruiting identity even trying to primarily recruit Cali under Mike Riley. Oklahoma has only the 28th highest population in the US and you would be adding two schools from this smaller state. The B1G currently has a nice setup where for the most part they have the flagship state school in from Maryland all the way to Minnesota(MSU/ Purdue/ NWestern are exceptions.) Perhaps Texas and Kansas would be a better combo than OU/OK State. This would also forever close the door on Notre Dame. 

I think the winners would be the big ten west schools(Nebraska at the top,) the conference as a whole, and bottom teams who get more money. Losers would be OSU/PSU/Michigan who have no problem with money and after competiting with eachother to make the playoff would now have to play Oklahoma. 


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