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Looking Like Fickell Will Accept the MSU Job

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February 8, 2020 at 5:40pm

Rivals MSU insider said Fickell is ready to accept the job and the other interviews are to show they are going through the process, Mel Tucker took his name out of consideration along with every other name mentioned(that happens when you know you aren't getting the job.) Tucker seemed like a good plan B who used to coach at MSU and spent a lot of time in the midwest, he wouldn't turn this job down. I know many will question this decision but there is a lot pulling him to MSU. He makes $2.4 million per year and realistically UC could get that up to 3 at the most per year. Dantonio made $4.3 million and with how desperate MSU is I imagine he will be making 5 at the least along with being given a long contract. $2 million a year is not insignificant amount of money in this discussion. Yes he built a great roster at UC, but imagine how much better he will be able to recruit at MSU. Right now Michigan is struggling to recruit and OSU is focusing on national recruits so there may not be a better time to get high level players in Ohio/Michigan. He will have a much higher salary pool for assistants as well. It is also hard to imagine a much better fit for him. 

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