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From TigerNet: The Reasons Clemson Lost

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January 14, 2020 at 4:06pm

the reasons we lost are:

-We were at a huge disadvantage having to prepare our previous two games against great teams and dynamic QBs with UVA and OSU, while LSU only had to prepare for Jake Fromm and a bad Oklahoma team

-The grind of an ACC schedule and facing top offenses every week wore our defense down. We don't get to relax against crappy offenses like UGA, Florida, Auburn, Miss St and Ole Miss week in/week out. LSU's defense got to come in with fresh legs

-The Pac12 officiating crew was on the take, if you take out all of the bad calls against Clemson, we win that game 63-17. I did the math and it is irrefutable.

-Once LSU beat Oklahoma, the national championship site should have been moved to a neutral venue. It's pure bullshyatt that we had to play in Louisiana. Pretty sure the playoff committee rigged this to happen and I'm really sure Hatfield had something to do with it.

-How can we compete with LSU when they have OBJ paying players? If one occurrence was caught on film, there are probably thousands more not on film. I'm guessing those boxes with the Beats headphones had at least $10k buried under the cardboard. And you KNOW OBJ is there on the recruiting trail too handing out the hundos.

-Lastly, the fact that LSU sucked last year was a huge disadvantage for us because the NFL came in and raided our players, especially on defense. Can you imagine if we had been as bad as LSU last year and Wilkins, Bryant, Cle and Dex all decided to come back again? Or on offense if Renfrow came back for one last go at it? We would have won that game even without fair officiating.

Yep, those are the true reasons we lost and it is patently unfair. I'm sure the powers that be from the SEC and ESPN got together and came up with all of these ways they could stick it to Dabo. That's what happens when you challenge the establishment. Let's hope between now and August the truth comes out and it never happens again.

I bolded the parts I thought were exceptionally delusional and hypocritical. The sad part is the post comments praise the post as "the truth."

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