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Predict the Ranking After the Conference Championship Games

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November 12, 2019 at 3:19pm

I'll do top 12, but do whatever you want. Make sure to include records so we see your logic.

End of year predictions:

1. OSU* (13-0); 2. LSU* (13-0); Clemson* (13-0); 4. Oklahoma* (12-1)

5. Utah* (12-1); 6. Alabama (11-1); 7. Georgia (11-2); 8. Penn St. (11-2);

9. Oregon (11-2); 10. Wisconsin (10-3); 11. Florida (10-2) 12. Baylor (10-3)

*=Conference champ

Oklahoma finds their game and finishes with two wins over Baylor and also TCU and Ok State which propels them. Utah could be here also when they beat Oregon.

Bama does NOT get the same treatment they had a few years ago by sitting at home on the last weekend because of only having one quality win (Auburn). Georgia loses to LSU and bumps down a few as well. 

Minnesota fizzles and loses to both Iowa and Wisconsin, who goes to B10 CG and loses. 


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