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TTUN News (Part 3)

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October 23, 2019 at 4:19pm

In an effort to organize all of the TTUN News and whatnot into one area a logical conclusion is to lump everything together in one thread.

This crazy enough to work idea will follow the same path as the Class of <insert year> Recruiting News threads. Once a thread gets to 300+ comments a Dubber can then start a new thread, with the thread title being TTUN News (Part <insert number>) 

11 Warriors commenting policies will apply and will be enforced. This is an effort to allow all of you Dubbers an enjoyable and organized experience to clown on Michigan. 

All new threads please Copy/Paste the above into new thread body FIRST.


Folks, just trying to do my part. I was going to bump the old one, but it’s getting pretty long, as is the number of TTUN threads. 

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