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11 Warriors CFB Top 10 Poll.

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September 29, 2019 at 11:51am

This thread is simple. Rank your top ten. I will average out the rankings tonight and post the 11w top 10 rankings.

My rankings below in the thread.


EDIT: Polling closes at 5pm


Jason/11w team.. Is there anyway the site can make a weekly poll? I love seeing the 11w consensus but this is a lot of work to do every Sunday.


Rankings from 11w. First place votes in parentheses

1.) OHIO STATE (19)
2.) Alabama (20)
3.) LSU (4)
4.) Georgia (2)
5.) Oklahoma (0)
6.) Clemson (1)
7.) Auburn (3)
8.) Wisconsin
9.) Penn State
10.) Notre Dame

Also receiving votes: Texas, Florida, Washington, Oregon, IOWA

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