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What is Wrong with TSUN?

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September 27, 2019 at 9:34am

I don't pretend to know the things a coach would know about his football team.  I can only share with you what I have witnessed during games.  This thread was inspired by the fact that Wisconsin had 359 yards rushing against TSUN.  I asked myself how this could be possible.  It should not be possible...right?  Below are a few odd things I found while watching the game between TSUN and Wisconsin.

Highlighted you can see #29 from TSUN and #76 from Wisconsin.  #29 is Jordan Glasgow who is a starting LB listed at 6'1" and 226lbs. #76 is Kayden Lyles who is an OG listed at 6'3" and 321lbs.  I don't have a degree in physics, but I believe the probability that #29 loses a one on one match up with #76 is close to 100% during a drive block on the goal line.

Here is the result of the play.

Next up is another goal line situation.  At his familiar post over the left guard is #29, Jordan Glasgow. Joining him on the defensive line is #42, Ben Mason.  Ben is listed on the roster as a 6'3" and 270lbs defensive lineman.  

Here is the result of the play.

What I find so odd about #42 playing on the defensive line, besides the fact he was recruited as in ILB, is that earlier in the game, he lined up at fullback.  And he didn't line up at FB during an odd part of the game or as a result of some injury during the game.  He was there on TSUN's first possession of the game, for multiple snaps, when they had the ball near the goal line...trailing only 7-0! 

Here is the result of his one carry...of course he fumbled.

What the hell is going on up there?  Is the depth so poor that players are converted from FB to DL or LB to DL to FB?  I find this so surprising for a team that has, according to the information available, recruited so well.

#42 Ben Mason did not start the game at DL.  However, he played meaningful snaps, throughout the game, on the defensive line.  I find this very, very odd.

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