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Harbaugh: "Hard to Beat the Cheaters"

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August 21, 2019 at 11:56am

Noted TTUN knower, John Bacon, is coming out with a new book "Overtime."  In one chapter that was recently reviewed in Forbes, Bacon covers recruiting and discusses how the NCAA allows universities to cover the "full cost of attendance" (i.e. not just tuition), and not surprisingly SEC schools report a significantly higher value than TTUN, and likely other schools.  This basically means SEC schools like Bama, Auburn etc. are able to pay their players more.  Also not surprisingly, Jimmy has an accusatory excuse to explain this discrepancy: it's "hard to beat the cheaters."

I wonder if anyone knows more about these "allowed" amounts as far as what the rules from the NCAA are.  I assume there's a geography and cost of living component?

Does Jim have a point here?  Or is this more whining and excuse-generating?

It's also worth mentioning that Jimmy has himself bent the rules of recruiting and played with technicalities.  I recall one picture on social media where Jimmy was in the picture, and a few recruits were as well, but further in the background and not directly with Jim.  The rule having something to do with not being allowed to take pics with potential recruits at non-institutional events (e.g. camps).  



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